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All Pond Solutions Submersible Pond/Aquarium Water Pump

Price: £19.99
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All Pond Solutions Submersible Pond/Aquarium Water Pump

  • Pump flow rate: 1400 litres per hour
  • Outlet fits 20mm lexible hose / Inlet fits 25mm flexible hose
  • 20mm outlet adaptor included / Cable length 10m
  • Height max: 180cm / 70.9"
  • Dimensions: 120 x 75 x 85mm / 4.7" x 3" x 3.3"
This All Pond Solutions 1400PP Submersible Pond Pump is suitable water moving tasks like aquarium water changes or water top ups.

The pump is manufactured using high-quality highly-durable ABS particles and the shaft is manufactured using high quality rust proof ceramics.

As well as standard aquarium use these pumps can also be used in salt water aquarium fish tanks.

List Price: £19.99 Price: £19.99

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What customers say about All Pond Solutions Submersible Pond/Aquarium Water Pump?

  1. 75 of 75 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    TOP PUMP!, 1 Aug. 2011
    V. Wheeler (Scotland) –

    My previous pond pump cost £79 (back in 2005), was always removed, cleaned and kept in a dry shed during the winter. It wasn’t even used for several summers, so hadn’t had a stressful life! Just got it in the pond this May and it packed up. Spent hours trying to fix the impeller, no luck…so off to the tip it went. Decided to try a cheap make as I didn’t want another top brand that proved to be junk.

    This little pump has been working fine since I got it (delivery was fast too!) and fingers crossed it goes on working. Rubber feet were impossible to get on, but it doesn’t need them as it is heavy enough to sit at the bottom of the pond without the suckers. My standard garden hosepipe (which was on the old pump and goes up to the filter box outside the pond) wouldn’t fit, so I suggest you buy the black hose pipe advertised with this product (less than 3 quid for what looks like a good amount).

    Ignore folk who moan about the short cable length (which nearly put me off from ordering this pump). It is in fact every bit as long as on the previous – and much more expesnive – pond pump I had. I think some folk have either got massive ponds (as deep as Loch Lomand) or are expecting to run a cable from their house. The latter is very dangerous which is why NO pond pump comes with endless meters of cable! You should have an outside, fully insulated, (trip switch for extra safety) electric supply, near your pond. As to any clogging problems…well so far it hasn’t got clogged up at all (I think placing it on a large, flat stone at the bottom of the pond helps, that way it is not directly sucking up any thick gunk, which is there at the bottom of all ponds and unless you are into pond housework, it really builds up over time).

    I think this 3000 model is the best to go for, even if like me you only have a very small pond…it means it can cope with pumping water and solids at a good rate (but not gushing). It seems fine anyway, pumping up to my filter box (which in total, from the bottom of the pond to the small water fall I built, must be a good 6 feet in height).

    I think perhaps some folk who go on about the mechanism getting clogged haven’t got a filter box system, and to anyone who hasn’t then it is well worth getting one. The filter box traps all that dirty pond gunk and the UV light in the filter system means your water is geting zapped, so no nasty pea soup water and you can get to see your fish clearly. The colours of them in clear pond water is just stunning…I love it best when they seem to nap under the small lily pads (I’m coming back as a fish!).

    Didn’t mean to ramble on, but I hope this is of help to someone. Even if it only lasts one summer, this pond pump was still worth buying it as it was so cheap compared to the expensive one I had. Having fallen for all that techno garbage you get with the branded types,(and believe me, when I took my last – and extremely expensive one – apart, it was just very cheap, plastic components inside), I think all you are paying for is the name..well, this pond pump has proved that. It is solid and really does the job and all for under £30!

    Anyway, here’s to ponds and the spectacular colours of fish!

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  2. 26 of 26 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    New pump for old!, 28 May 2010
    Godfrey Mansion (UK) –

    This pump was purchased to replace a Lotus that had been installed about 11 years ago but the same model was no longer available. The pump arrived before the date stated so that was a good start. There were no separate instructions, only a few scant details on the box but it seems you don’t really need much else anyway. It did seem a bit ‘plasticy’ and light (compared to the previous pump) but it certainly seems to work very well. The only other thing worth mentioning is that the supply lead is quite short,bear in mind though,the pump is not expensive so overall, we are happy with our purchase. Thank you.
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  3. 23 of 23 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    basic quality pump, 31 July 2011
    Steve R

    having owned hozelock and lotus pumps before and been disapointed by their longevity decided to source a cheaper pump this one fitted the bill, good water output, easy to maintain, sturdy build quality, as to longevity well time will tell but at this price and this supplier excellent value.
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