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Arcadia Arc Tank 20L Aquarium Reviews

Price: £54.95
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Arcadia Arc Tank 20L Aquarium

  • The perfect mini aquarium holds 20 litres, Dimensions: Height 30cm x Depth 25cm x Width 30cm
  • Comes complete with Arc pod light, filter and cover tray
  • Stylish design, suitable for tropical (additional heater required) or coldwater fish

The striking open top design allows unrestricted views into the tank and creates a more appealing open habitat that allows the owner to feel closer to their fish. The open top of the aquarium and flipup mechanism of the Arc Pod aquarium light provide easy access for feeding maintenance and cleaning.

The ideal size for the living room kitchen or even a childrens bedroom the Arc Tank contains all of the hardware you need for keeping coldwater fish such as simple goldfish and with the addition of a heater is ideal for a small tropical planted aquarium with the light from the Original Tropical compact Lamp keeping aquatic plants healthly and encouraging growth.


Ideal small family aquarium Complete with Arc Pod aquarium light and classica poer filter Supplied with removable glass lid Replacement lamps and filter cartridges available

Available in two sizes

20 litre 30cm by 25cm with 9W Arc Pod 5W filter 35 litre 40cm by 28cm with 11W Arc Pod 5W filter

List Price: £54.95 Price: £54.95

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