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Blagdon 65 Koi Air Pump

Price: £99.99
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Blagdon 65 Koi Air Pump

  • Specifically designed for water garden application
  • Able to run multiple air stones at a time
  • Dramatically increases the level of oxygen
  • Prevents pond stagnating
  • Can improve filter efficiency and fish health

Koi Air 65 - 65 L/Min - Max Depth 350 cms - 60 watts - Max18 x 50mm air stones at 2 metres 18 way mutli outlet It is a widely recognised that good aeration is essential for good pond water conditions and healthy fish. Good earation stops pond water stagnation; fish dying from lack of oxygen; helps sick fish recover; improves water waste breakdown and aids filtration. Koi Air Pumps are a reliable way of supplying aeration to ponds and filters - its robust rubber diaphragm is durable and easy to replace. Koi Air Pumps are speciafically designed for use with ponds where the ability to pump several metres deep, with a number of airstones is important. The Koi Air Pump comes complete with a mutli airline outlet.

List Price: £139.99 Price: £99.99

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