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Cloverleaf Pond Heater 1kW – Weatherproof & Adjustable Temperature

Price: £179.00
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Cloverleaf Pond Heater 1kW - Weatherproof & Adjustable Temperature

  • IP55 Rated weatherproof
  • Optional rigid or flexible pipe connections
  • Easy temperature control
  • 1.5m Cable length
  • Includes low pressure flow switch
The Cloverleaf Pond Heaters allow you to enjoy your pond all year round, maintaining an optimum temperature for your koi and other pond inhabitants, even during the colder winter months. These affordable Pond Heaters are available in 2 models; 1kw and 2kw which are suitable for 4500 litres / 1000 gallons and 9000 litres / 2000 gallons respectively.
The Cloverleaf Heaters are very easy to install into new or existing pond setups and come complete with both rigid or flexible pipe connections. Choose from connection via 19mm, 25mm, 32mm or 38mm flexible pond hose using the 2 hosetails supplied or alternatively the units will accept 40mm rigid solvent weld or 1.5" rigid pressure pipe.
These simple easy to use pond heaters have a minimum flow rate of 4000lph and have a safety low flow shut off switch for peace of mind.

List Price: £179.00 Price: £179.00

What customers say about Cloverleaf Pond Heater 1kW – Weatherproof & Adjustable Temperature?

  1. 3.0 out of 5 stars
    Good heater, bad thermostat. No Buenos., 15 Oct. 2018
    B.Hunter (NE England)

    Verified Purchase(What is this?)
    The heater itself seems pretty good. Looks nicely constructed, doesn’t look like it’ll cause too much backpressure, comes with nice H07RN-F cable and the connections seem pretty sold.

    One thing to note regarding the connections is that the clear hosetail didn’t seal up correctly for me. I suspect that it may not be PVC, which would mean that my PVC cement didn’t work properly when I tried to glue it to the union.

    It’s also worth noting that the pipe connections sit proud of the mounting point on the heater, so it has to be mounted on a piece of 3/4″ plywood or something similar. Not the end of the world, but not exactly ideal.

    The biggest issue that I’ve had so far with this heater has been the thermostat. I set it to 18°C, and it settled at about 24°C. I got used to the large difference in set temperature, with the dial needing to be set at about 14°C to reach my 18°C target, but I noticed that the thermostat didn’t seem to have much hysteresis and would rapidly turn itself on and off every couple of seconds. This got gradually worse, with the thermostat making a whining, oscillating sound until last night when it seemed to have ended up sticking on. I’ve now bought an external temperature controller with programmable hysteresis and things seem to be fine now, but I am disappointed that the on-board thermostat behaved so poorly and failed so quickly. This definitely needs addressing, and I wouldn’t recommend that anyone purchase this heater without also including a good external temperature controller with it.

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