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Encyclopedia of Aquarium & Pond Fish Reviews

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Encyclopedia of Aquarium & Pond Fish

From Cyprinids to Blennies and Koi, a new edition of this complete owner's manual for keeping all types of fish Get the lowdown on keeping fish with this comprehensive guide for fish lovers. You'll find everything you need to know on marine varieties to freshwater, tropical to coldwater, whether you keep them in indoor aquariums or outdoor ponds.Identify your fish with a directory containing over 800 of the world's most popular. Discover everything about them: from what they look like and how big they'll grow, to what food they eat and whether they integrate with others.There's expert advice on looking after your fish: from keeping and feeding to healthcare and how to breed., Plus, find directories of companion plants, pond and marine life to help you create the right environment.

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What customers say about Encyclopedia of Aquarium & Pond Fish Reviews?

  1. 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Beautifully presented, but lacking in details., 21 Feb. 2014
    Ms. N. Edmonds

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    This review is from: Encyclopedia of Aquarium & Pond Fish (Paperback)
    I hesitated about giving this book 3 stars, as despite what I feel as a lack of some fairly critical points it was a very well presented book that laid out most of the basics of fish keeping, and covered a range (but not nearly enough) of fish species for freshwater, marine and pond systems.

    So the main plus points:

    Having the marine and pond sections as well as freshwater was the main reason why I got this book. I keep freshwater aquaria primarily, and do have an interest in the other two, but not enough to want to buy books dedicated to them – so its nice to have those two sections to read for interests sake.

    The inclusions of plants in the freshwater and pond sections, and marine invertebrates, adds more useful information to the book that some other fishkeeping books do not. Although not extensive, again a taster is a nice thing to have,

    I say again, the presentation was beautiful. Everything is clearly laid out (as per DK’s normal efforts), and points are made clearly. There are photos and text for each species, and bulleted lists of the water conditions each needs (again other books don’t always put all of this in).

    The negative points:

    Whilst I was very, very pleased to see goldfish firmly in the pond section, and also that some gold fish varieties are too sensitive to live outdoors all year, I was disappointed that it was not made clearer that gold fish need very, very large tanks to be able to grow and live comfortably – something many beginners do not realise. At least it says to not use goldfish bowls (albeit it doesn’t say because they are too small and unfit for purpose…) but again there was not enough emphasis on tank size or adequate filtration. With photographs of several goldfish in a tank clearly too small for them in the early sections, it is little wonder that so many beginners turn to forums for help when their fish die. No beginners book I have seen yet has caught up with today’s standards of welfare for goldfish.

    On a similar note, I was very disappointed that coverage of the basic nitrogen cycle was limited, and that again the text had not been updated to include modern fish keeping practice. There was not a single mention of a fishless cycle, which in my opinion (and the opinion of most experienced fish keepers) is the only safe way to set up a new aquarium. I would like to see a revised edition laying out this method, and not just sticking to the old method of simply putting the fish in, monitoring the water chemistry, and hoping for the best. This is precisely how so many new fish end up dying.

    Similarly, there was simply not enough coverage of the different methods of aquarium filtration. I should think by now that undergravel filtration would not be the first choice for a serious fish keeper, and putting all the books emphasis on that – almost ignoring internal and external power filters (which have vastly superior filtration and ease of maintenance) – defies belief.

    I know this book is not an exhaustive list of all the species on the market, but the range of fish covered was a little slim – especially in the freshwater section. I should point out most of the photos in that section were of the juvenile fish, which whilst useful for selecting them from what you can see in a fish store, was not the best way to aid identification and judge final size and appearance of the fish. I also spotted a few photographs that were dubiously placed with species I believe they were not actually showing.

    There is a small chapter on fish health for each section , but I would recommend purchasing a book dedicated to that topic as fish ailments seem to outnumber the number of fish species themselves!

    Overall, not a bad book to start off with – looks great and covers the basics, but like I said in desperate need of updating to include modern fishkeeping practice.

  2. 5.0 out of 5 stars
    Very impressive detailed description of fish, 13 Feb. 2015
    Catherine Stapleton (Ireland) –

    Verified Purchase(What is this?)
    This review is from: Encyclopedia of Aquarium & Pond Fish (Paperback)
    Delighted with this book I keep fish and have always been on the look out for a good fish book, I’ve got few now but this is my favourite, it was recommend in fish keeping magazine and it was reasonable priced here.
  3. 5.0 out of 5 stars
    good guide, 1 Nov. 2013
    malc c

    Verified Purchase(What is this?)
    This review is from: Encyclopedia of Aquarium & Pond Fish (Paperback)
    good value…..not as many common fish as i thought
    but good information and full of tips…a must have referance guide

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