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Fluttering Fairy Spitter-Bermuda

Price: £18.99
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Fluttering Fairy Spitter-Bermuda

  • Made from durable resin
  • Assists with adding oxygen to the pond, passed from the 1 metre ornamental pole
  • Creates Sound and Movement.
  • Size : L20.5 x W16 xH100cm
  • Recommended Pump:700-800 LPH (not supplied)

A unique and attractive novelty spitter.

This detailed resin fairy is raised on an ornamental stand to give real height and movement to the display and add oxygen for any water dwellers when accompanied by a suitable pump. The added design of reeds and leaves by the base ensures this blends in well with your pond environment.

Size : L20.5 x W16 xH100cm

Recommended Pump :700-800 LPH

Pump Not Supplied.

List Price: £18.99 Price: £18.99

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