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Fluval Edge 23L Aquarium – Pewter

Price: £99.99
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Fluval Edge 23L Aquarium - Pewter

  • Fluval EDGE takes only seconds to assemble and the perforated, removable cover effectively dissipates lamp heat, avoids moisture and allows easy access to the filter's lift out media trays.
  • EDGE friendly species include White Cloud Mountain Minnows, Betta Splendens, Barbs, Danios, small Goldfish, Crystal Red Shrimps, Snails. Remember, Goldfish in particular grow so may need to be moved to a larger tank later in life.
  • 1 x 23L sealed top glass aquarium and surround
  • 1 x EDGE filter including foam, carbon & Biomax media
  • Retractable lighting system & 2 x 10W Halogen Bulbs
Fluval Edge Aquarium Set pewter colour add design to your lifestyle. Experience the beauty of this excellent small aquarium with glass all round including the top this aquarium provides spectacular high definition viewing and reduced evaporation. With retractable halogen lighting built into the hinged hood giving a shimmering effect. A unique Edge 3 stage filter built into the rear column ensures crystal clear healthy water for plants and fish. This aquarium is large enough to offer a fantastic image whilst small enough to place almost anywhere.

Aquarium glass size 43cm long by 26cm wide and 22.4cm high these measurements do not include the filter stand or hood for the lights.

Available in Pewter Black and Burnt Orange finish

Volume 23 litres.

EDGE friendly species include White Cloud Mountain Minnows Betta Splendens Barbs Danios small Goldfish Crystal Red Shrimps Snails. Remember Goldfish in particular grow so may need to be moved to a larger tank later in life

List Price: £99.00 Price: £99.99

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What customers say about Fluval Edge 23L Aquarium – Pewter?

  1. 65 of 66 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    A Year On… This is a good product, 11 Jan. 2011
    S. Glover “Mr G” (UK) –

    This review is from: Fluval Edge 23L Aquarium – Pewter (Misc.)
    I once kept gold fish as a child, that was the extent of my fish keeping prior to receiving this a a christmas present form my wife in 2009. I have the burnt orange version and it goes very well with the decor of my house, that is its main attribute – it looks beautiful and it’svery style is why she purchased it for me.

    I think it is fine for starters and first timers, I sought advice from my local Aquarium and read up before embarking on the fish collecting. the 23 litre size makes it easy to handle and not to imposing, the pump is quiet and the all around views are a real benefit and feature. I am glad I took advice, it really is only suitable for small tropical freshwater species (Tetras, Harelquins, Molly’s and Platy’s etc nothing that will grow to big) and you need to introduce fish in small same type groups. It took about a week to set up and balance the environment – I use all Fluval made equipment, I now have seven small fish and that seems the ideal balance. As with anything if you over load it with plants, ornaments and fish it will be much harder work. Start small and build up slowly… you are creating a commnuity and a home after all.

    With any new hobby and new equipment there is a learning curve and the Edge does take a little getting used to. The small access opening is a bit inconvenient, but the trade off is the design and look of the tank which wins hands down for me. The maintenance is more regular than some tanks but it isn’t onerous. I have found that you need to do partial water changes once a month (maybe 3-5 litres) to reduce the Algae build up and rarely do I have the filter on full whack. Personally I have no issues with nitrate build ups and the algae formation is no worse than other tanks or i have come across. (Limescale is my headache)Tha said I do find you need to top the tank up due to evaporation anf if you are not at the right level the filter can then make a “tinkling waterfall sound” personally this drives me to the toilet so i do a tiny top up of the tank weekly to avoid a drop in the water level that creates the tinkling.

    I change my filter media less than Fluval recommend to keep the good bacteria in the tank and my local aquarium were great on this kind of detailed advice, especially on fish varieties and size for the environment. Catching the fish in a fluval can be tough, especially nippy little Tetras and a major overhauls (i have just completed one took several hours. But that was a 70% water change and complete change in environment. new stones, plants etc. 1 year on i love it. its agreat gift and a beautiful object and my fish are very happy!

    In total i would say the tank requires no more than 1 hour of work a month.

    Things to watch out for:

    Change the sponges and non charcoal media about every 4 months only
    Avoid sand as the base material
    Single colour gravel can create a stylish effect and compliment your home decor as well
    It is a small space and small groups of same fish flourish well
    measuring appropriate levels of additives is fiddly…
    real plants are fiddly and difficult to maintain – i switched to plastic for a much better effect
    Avoid bog wood, no matter the soaking it discolours the water horribly
    The Halogen lights are powerful and well chosen stones can reflect it wonderfully
    Position the tank somewhere you can see it from three sides, you get wonderful alternate views


    The Frog and the Scorpion


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  2. 27 of 28 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Can be hard work to start, 3 Jan. 2011
    Mr. Peter Lewin (Uk) –

    This review is from: Fluval Edge 23L Aquarium – Pewter (Misc.)
    On my second Fluval Edge, following a visitor dropping a heavy picture frame on the tank smashing the top panel. 70% of the water, fish, ornaments and fittings were transferred into a new Edge. The only part not reused was the gravel, I was never happy with the appearance of the (greyish/black speckled) gravel used when the first tank was set-up from new, so decided to change it for something more like coarse sand.

    It was at this point I was reminded just how delicate the eco-balance in a new tank is to set-up. Having had considerable experience of large aquariums some years ago. I thought this “toy” tank would be a piece of cake. Not so. Because of the smaller volume of water even the merest say for instance excess gravel dust that hasn’t washed out fully before being put in the tank, that would hardly bother a bigger aquarium will cloud the water in an Edge for days before the low power filter cleans it for even the hardiest of fish. This requires at least 50% water changes every two days. And then the water chemical levels (Nitrate, Nitrate, Ammonia) need to be dealt with before you can even think about fish.

    Most of this is true about any new aquarium of course. But the Fluval Edge (or any smaller tank) will have because of its inability to absorb minor changes of water quality in a greater volume will very quickly become contaminated. The Edge is very definitely not a set up and forget aquarium. Even after six months (with the broken tank) 30% weekly water changes are the order of the day. Three test kits are used once a fortnight to check water quality that will need more frequent water changes if found to be above even minimum levels of quality.

    Other disadvantages of the Fluval edge are. The filter system can be a little noisy at times if the room is quiet, this maybe variable as the previous tank filter was very quiet, but no worse than an air-stone and its buzzing pump. Access into the tank is pathetic through the cut-out in the top panel. Only small fish can be introduced (Guppies, Danio’s, Neon’s and small Rasbora’s in mine) Mind you the other well known small aquarium the Bio Orb is ten times worse for access.

    But! I love it. When its running clean and chemically sound, nicely decorated and lit with some underwater lighting it looks like a block of crystal in the room, absolutely beautiful.


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  3. 73 of 78 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    High Maintenance, 7 Jan. 2010
    S. Allison (Cambridgeshire) –

    I have recently returned to fishkeeping after a 2 year break and not wanting a large setup again opted for this 23 litre Fluval edge in Black.
    Having kept fish for over 30 years this is the biggest challenge yet for maintaining good water quality only endless small water changes will keep this looking its best.
    The plants are growing fine under the two halogens,the filter system is easy too start,stop and mantain.
    Negatives are not easy working within the small opening at the top,filter needs too be on slowest setting otherwise algae can increase rapidly,very limited on the fish you can have and the amount of water changes make it not suitable for people without the time for proper maintenance.
    Overall it looks good makes a good feature and talking point just wish it was larger capicity.
    I would not recommend this tank for any beginners or people wanting too keep goldfish only small tropical fish suitable(small heater required).


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