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Gilbert Goldfish Wants a Pet

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Gilbert Goldfish Wants a Pet

Title: Gilbert Goldfish Wants a Pet <>Binding: Hardcover <>Author: KellyDiPucchio <>Publisher: DialBooksforYoungReaders

List Price: £13.04 Price: £6.20

What customers say about Gilbert Goldfish Wants a Pet?

  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars
    Fantastic story time choice, 16 Nov. 2011
    J.Prather (IN USA)

    This review is from: Gilbert Goldfish Wants a Pet (Hardcover)
    Gilbert Goldfish gives us a new look at a rather worn picture book theme. This time instead of a child who wants a pet – it’s a goldfish! Gilbert thinks he’s found the pet of his dreams when a dog comes to visit, but he’s too barky. The mouse isn’t interested when he finds out that Gilbert isn’t a chunk of cheese, and the less said about what happens to the fly the better. All is well at the end though, when Fluffy comes to live with him. I’ll leave it up to you to discover who Fluffy is, but rest assured the ending brings things home in a way sure to generate some rather relieved laughs.

    This is a very well written story told with a wry humor that makes it perfect for group sharing. While a bit long for the youngest of preschoolers, it has such a good read aloud flow, it kept even the most fidgety of my story time audience in their seat, especially after what happened to the fly… This is a cute,funny story that will resonate among young pet owners. The illustrations are large and bold, and complement the story perfectly. One of the funniest moments occurs when the dog is shown drinking from Gilbert’s bowl. Gilbert is trying not to be too concerned that his pet is so thirsty, but the look on his face shows his worry. This is a great choice for group sharing and for any child’s personal collection. It’s got a nice little message that everybody needs somebody to love, but mostly it’s just fun. Recommended.

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