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Health First Digital Aquarium Ozone Generator

Price: £99.99
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Health First Digital Aquarium Ozone Generator

  • Digital Ozone Generator for Aquarium / Fish Tank / SPA / Pool / Pond
  • Perfect for purifying AIR, WATER, DISHES, FOOD, OIL, CLOTHES, BABY TOYS and AQUARIUM / Fish Tank / SPA / Pool / Pond! Ideal for PERSONAL HEALTH & BEAUTY as well ! Super EASY To Use: Mature Technology + Simple Operation !
  • Electrical Requirements: 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz;Ozone Output: 0-300mg/hour, Adjustable;Air Inlet & Ozone Outlet: 1 inlet + 1 outlet (no specific);Unit Dimensions: 7*10.5*5 cm;Accessories: 1 Soft tube + 1 Diffuser stone;Positions of Placement: 2 ways (flat & hanging on the wall)
  • An aquarium pond sterilizer. Circulating water;Reduces need for high chemical doses;Helps destroy bacteria, viruses, algae, yeasts;Accelerates dismantling of yellow materials and other pollutants/ organic subjects;Reduces odor and chloramines;Prolongs equipments lifespan;Reduces maintenance time & cost;Ozone purifies naturally;Air purification;Ozonation for water and oil
**To understand what each part is for, please check the 'Parts Diagram' on one of the images. ** **When you receive your order and find a problem, please contact us immediately with valid evidence (detailed description of the problem, pictures, etc.). We will deal with it and offer our solutions ASAP. Please do NOT leave a negative feedback or open a claim WITHOUT prior contact with us. Your understanding is highly appreciated. **

List Price: £99.99 Price: £99.99

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