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Knowing Your Koi (Best way’s to keeping Koi Carp)

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Knowing Your Koi (Best way's to keeping Koi Carp)

These are the Koi pond secrets pet stores don't want you to know.
"The Koi experts laughed... but when they saw my Koi pond full of high quality & healthy Koi... they started asking me questions"
With this Koi manual you can get started in this wonderful hobby the right way. Many Koi keepers are told how difficult it is to keep and maintain Koi. Let me unveil the secrets that top Koi owners don't want you to discover. This is the first in my series and I have decided to start right at the beginning.
This book is a must have if you are serious about your Koi.Keeping Koi is a wonderful hobby but most enthusiats keep on making the same mistakes because there are fundimental things that are not told, on pond preperation and Koi selection to water quality. You need to know how to prepare your pond, what works and what doesn't, how to choose the right fish and where from, how to transport your fish, how to care for your fish before you put them into your pond.Once you have done all of this yo need to know about water checks and filtration system. We will walk you through how to test your water and what for, testing your fish for paracites and treating them, quarantine for your fish when do I feed my fish and what do I feed them on. All starting from the basic to the advanced will be covered in my series.


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