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Koi Farm Guide

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Koi Farm Guide

Koi Fish, Aquaculture and Breeding Koi are a global enterprise whose growth continues to skyrocket. The prospect of setting up your own Koi Farm may be daunting to the initiated, but it is something that nearly anyone can do and make a successful business out of with a some simple knowledge and a little determination. The ornamental fish business is a multi-billion dollar industry and raising ornamental fish (including Koi) is the #2 hobby in the world, second only to photography. These beautiful, peaceful fish are all the rage as backyard Koi pond pets, prizes for collectors and big business for Koi breeders and fish farming enterprises. Raising Koi for profit is an extremely viable way to strike out on your own and earn a six figure income, while having a good time along the way. It doesn't matter if you have been involved in fish farming in the past, some other form of fisheries, or are just a sharp entrepreneur who knows a ripe opportunity when they see it - Koi Farming is it! The Koi Farm Guide was written to remove the guesswork and aid you in your journey. Among questions that are answered in the Guide are:

  • How many types of Koi are there? Which ones should I raise?

  • How much does it cost to get started?

  • What types of food do Koi eat and how do you feed them?

  • What enemies or predators do Koi have?

  • How much space do you need for raising Koi?

  • Are permits or Licenses needed in my area?

  • How are Koi harvested, shipped, sold and marketed?

The Koi Farm Guide has detailed information on the history of Koi, their physiology, Koi breeding, and the many factors that need to be taken into account with Koi farms. This one of a kind Guide is packed with information and includes 3 additional Free Supplements that will prove priceless in your journey. The Koi Marketing Guide talks about the many ways that you can market and sell your Koi - there are quite a few that will surprise you. The Koi Farming Supplemental Business Planning Guide will walk you through the all-important steps of setting up a business plan Before you start your business, including many key questions directly related to running a Koi farm. Finally, the Koi Farm International Directory is over 400 pages of resources, including live internet links and email addresses, that will prove invaluable both in setting up your business and running your fish farm for a long time to come. The International Directory includes such things as:

  • Hatcheries

  • Aquaculture Suppliers

  • Grow-out Feed Suppliers

  • Hatchery Feed Suppliers

  • Importers and Exporters of Koi

  • Import/Export Agents

  • Wholesale Supplier & Distributors of Koi

  • Private Consultants

  • Venture Capital and Financing Companies

  • ... and much more.

Anyone interested in investigating the fish farm business, in particular setting up a Koi farm or any sort of aquaculture fish farming, will find a wealth of resources with the Koi Farming Guide.


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