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Newa PGR 1000 Vacuum Cleaner for Aquarium

Price: £38.17
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Newa PGR 1000 Vacuum Cleaner for Aquarium

  • Hanging Aquarium Sand cleaner equipped with efficient cartridge filtration to trap the smallest particles.
  • To be more effective the cleaner has a powerful pump. It makes cleaning, without risk of spills or leaks.
  • All electrical parts are insulated and completely cigarette. They can be wiped clean under tap water.
The PGR 1000 aquarium gravel cleaner saves the need to remove large amounts of water from your aquarium by re-circulating the aquarium water through a fine filter bag which collects the finest of particles.This hang on aquarium gravel cleaner is suitable for any kind of aquarium where the unit can hang on the side wall of the fish tank. The cleaner will also work on aquariums with sides thicker than the bracket provided. Always make sure the gravel cleaner is secure before use. The vacuum pipe has a strainer on the end to prevent gravel and small fish reaching the suction pump. The filter cartridge supplied with the power gravel cleaner has a series of inclined planes to collect the debris from the aquarium. The filter bag is washable and re-useable. Max flow rate 340 litre per hour For tanks upto 120 litres 5 watts powe

List Price: £38.17 Price: £38.17

What customers say about Newa PGR 1000 Vacuum Cleaner for Aquarium?

  1. 1.0 out of 5 stars
    concept is good, however the design is poorly executed, 5 Jun. 2017

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    This is a poorly designed product and not fit for purpose. In my case I was looking to clean the sand in an aquarium. However it takes a while to get started i.e. the siphoning process. Eventually when the cleaner did start to siphon and return filtered water it would frequently get clogged up with sand which involved removing the impeller and various other plastic bits etc. The product was advertised as a sand cleaner! concept is good, however the design is poorly executed. I now have a product by a company called Eden – this is much better!
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