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Reef One biUbe Pure 35L Clear

Price: £146.69
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Reef One biUbe Pure 35L Clear

The biUbe Pure is the ultimate aquarium for those of you looking for a crystal clear aquarium. Due to the modern look and feel of this tank, it's perfectly at home as a centre piece housing a wide range of fish. The transparent acrylic of the biUbe pure make it appear like a column of water suspended in mid air.

The unique filtration aspect means maintenance is easy, and the water stays clearer for longer due to the advanced filter cartridge system.

The lighting is also modern with slimline LEds which not only light the aquarium beautifully, but also use very little power so you're actually combining style with function - one of the reasons why they're so popular.  

The biUbe pure holds 35L making it the perfect size for modern households - you can place it on a table, kitchen worktop or bedroom without it taking up too much space.

The biUbe is ideal for tropical or coldwater fish.

Each biUbe comes complete with the following:

  • 5 stage internal filter
  • Halogen light
  • Ceramic media
  • Air pump
  • Plug top 12 volt transformer
  • Water treatment
  • Fish food
  • Full set of instructions.

An extensive list of accessories are available in 'biOrb accessories'.


  • Volume     35L
  • Width     34cm
  • Height     45cm
  • Heater     None


List Price: £146.69 Price: £146.69

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    It’s beautiful! Looks great at night with the LED lights, 12 Sep 2014
    Miss Y.

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    It’s beautiful! Looks great at night with the LED lights. Would recommend!


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