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Velda Giant Biofill XL 6000 Pond Filter Set

Price: £570.21
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Velda Giant Biofill XL 6000 Pond Filter Set

  • Suitable for moderately stocked ponds up to 20,000 Litres
  • Velda Giant Biofill XL filter
  • Velda High Stream 6000 pump
  • 18 Watt UVC unit
  • Air pump
The Velda Giant Biofill XL Filtersets are composed of a Biofill filter, UVC Unit, Silenta Air Pump, High Stream pond pump, Mineral Filterstart and Bacterial Filterstart.
There are 3 sets: the 6000, 12,000 and 15,000. The filter is based on the cross flow principle. The water is passed through the first cassette, in which the UVC Unit and optionally a Pond Heater (150 or 300 Watt) can be applied, to 3 removable cassettes with filter materials. The Giant Biofill XL Set is a justified investment, which guarantees a healthy and crystal clear pond.

The basis of the Giant Biofill XL Set is a large and spacious filter unit with a gross content of circa 250 litres. For additional increase of the filter capacity, 2 filters (or more) can be connected to each other, using the connecting swivel that is supplied. At the bottom, in the middle of the filter, there is a draining point. By simply opening the valve any sludge and dirt can be drained off. The filter contains 4 removable cassettes, 3 of which have been filled with filter material.

-The first cassette is meant for the built in UVC Unit and the Mineral Filterstart supplied. In the cover there is also a facility to connect an air pump.
- The second cassette is filled with bio balls. This filter material provides a proper filtering of dirt and an enormous growth potential for micro-organisms.
- The third cassette has been equipped with a so-called coarse Japanese mat. It filters the fine dust particles from the water and after an initial period it will contain billions of micro-organisms.
- The fourth cassette is filled with a finer-threaded Japanese mat, by which even the finest dirt particles will be removed from the water. All cassettes can be taken out, so that the filter materials can be simply rinsed.

Filter dimensions: 60cm x 80cm x 60cm.

List Price: £570.21 Price: £570.21

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