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Velda VT 18W (Watt) UV-C Pond Clarifier

Price: £46.49
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Velda VT 18W (Watt) UV-C Pond Clarifier

  • 18 Watt Pond UV Clarifier
  • Suitable for plant based ponds up to 9000L and fish based ponds of 4500L
  • Eliminates Green Algae in pond water
  • Provides a healthy environment for fish and plants
  • Compact unit with 5 Metres of cable
A vital part of a pond filtration system is the Ultra Violet Clarifier. The Velda VT 18 Watt UV-C Clarifier is a compact unit that can be added to your pond set up with ease.

The job of a UVC clarifier in a pond is to keep the water clean and clear for the fish. Floating algae can build up on the surface of the water and can become unsightly.

The Clarifier uses a powerful UV that emits an UltraViolet ray that clumps together the algae present in the water as it passes through and makes it easier for the pond filter to deal with.

The Velda VT UV-C Filter is suitable for ponds with plants or fish and can be used in ponds up to 9000 Litres.

  • Model :18 Watt UV-C
  • Suitable for Ponds (Plant): 9000L
  • Suitable for Ponds (Koi): 4500L
  • Recommended Pump:>6000 LPH
  • Hosetails Provided: 2 x 25/32/40 + 2 x 32/40mm
  • Guarantee: 2 years
  • List Price: £46.49 Price: £46.49

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