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Waterfall (Teardrop Trilogy 2)

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Waterfall (Teardrop Trilogy 2)


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What customers say about Waterfall (Teardrop Trilogy 2)?

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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Sadly Disappointing, 6 Nov. 2014

    This review is from: Waterfall (Kindle Edition)

    *This is book 2 in the Teardrop series and may contain spoilers for book one, Teardrop*

    Waterfall takes up straight after the events at the end of Teardrop and in the aftermath of Eureka’s tears. Her tears have led to a catastrophic flooding of the world and the subsequent decimation of the human race. Those who survive are doomed by the salty water as the food and water are all tainted. Now Eureka must try to fix the damage she has done if it is even possible.

    The last hope for Eureka and Ander is to find the lost Seedbearer, Solon. Solon may have the knowledge needed to prevent Atlantis from rising and stop Atlas’s evil plans for domination while trying to save Eureka’s best friend, and Ander’s love rival, Brooks whose body Atlas is still currently wearing. Will they reach Solon in time, if they can find him at all, will he even be able help. Will Eureka be able to stop Atlantis from rising and Atlas gaining domination? Will she be able to get Brooks back and in one piece?

    Lots of question….. will we get answers and will they be the answers we expect?

    Well yes and no, to say this book will blow you away would be a lie, like Teardrop it feels lacking. I was never sure as to whether I wanted to read this sequel to Teardrop until the moment it popped up on Netgalley and I requested it without really thinking about it. Do I regret that decision? Well yes and no in equal amounts. I wanted to read this to see what was going to happen next after the Teardrop left off with Eureka’s tears and the flooding beginning. I went into this with an open mind, not expecting too much as Teardrop wasn’t the most exciting book in the world but secretly hoping that Waterfall would be better…… but it’s not, luckily it’s not worse either. To be honest the whole series to date has been a bit vanillaa bit run of the mill. It has all the potential in the world but doesn’t really hit the mark for me as a brilliant read, it’s perfectly readable but at the end of the day it’s just okay but only okay which is a shame as the idea behind the series is wonderful.

    The Characters:

    Eureka – the Tearline girl, the girl who’s tears are destined to destroy the world and who has done the one thing she was always taught not to do, to cry, and her tears have flooded the world. She is also the only one was might be able to save what remains…. but at what cost? In the last book Eureka was a strong character but she has really lost those aspects of her character that made her interesting in this book. Granted, if you were the one to destroy the world it would way VERY heavily on you but instead of making her stronger the weight seems to have made Eureka buckle under the strain and all the strength she showed in Teardrop is missing, making her a much weaker character this time around and seeing as she is the main character it’s not a good thing, not a good thing at all.
    Ander – the Seedbearer in love with the Tearline girl. The Last Day of Love made me fall a little in love with Ander and I loved him again in Teardrop, this time around I didn’t really feel anything for him at all except I wondered why he was even bothering with Eureka at all considering most of the time she seemed all about Brooks/Atlas, pushing Ander into the sidelines UNTIL the big Ander twist appears and it’s game-changeing twist that I didn’t see coming and really altered the relationship between the two leads.
    Brooks/Atlas – Atlas is still roaming the world in Brooks body and is still intent on having Eureka for himself, problem is that all Eureka wants is to have Brooks back minus Atlas but can Brooks be freed of Atlas without killing him?
    The Twins – Eureka’s younger siblings really come into their own in this books and you really get to see them in their own right instead of as extensions of Eureka which is something the book really benefits from.
    Cat – Cat also comes into her own in this book too and gains her own unique thing in this book giving her a solid place with the group, it also really gives her character new meaning along with new responsibilities.

    The Book’s Setting (Time and Place):

    The Time – Contemporary modern day, it could be any time… today, tomorrow or yesterday.

    The Place – Our own world but obviously not the world we know as it’s all covered with Eureka’s destructive tears and this is one of the things that bothered me about the book and Eureka’s need to save what’s left of the world. Even if she could stop Atlas and the rising of Atantis the world would still be wrecked by her salty tears. The water’s tainted and all plant-life would fail due to the salt content in the earth as the majority of plants don’t tolerate a high concentration of salt content in the soil. With limited food and water how are the remains of the human race supposed to survive anyway? Urrrgggh!

    The Writing:

    The technical side of…

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  2. 3.0 out of 5 stars
    Review from Goodreads 12/10/14, 12 Jun. 2015

    This review is from: Waterfall (Teardrop Trilogy 2) (Paperback)
    This ARC was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

    The end of Lauren Kate’s fantasy novel Teardrop saw the beginning of the destruction of the earth after teenage Eureka Boudreaux shed a tear sparking off a devastating flood. Waterfall continues on from this point as Eureka goes on a journey to try and save the world. Readers are reunited with the lovable characters of the previous novel such as the twins and Cat as well as the mysterious Ander.

    Three quarters of the novel is full of excitement with Eureka and family swimming to Turkey to locate a lost relative of Ander’s who they hope will be able to advise them on what to do next. Solon is a great character – comes across as mean but really has everyone’s best interests at heart. Solon instructs Eureka in the tasks ahead of her all the while the threat of Atlantis rising rests heavily upon her. Meanwhile Atlas, the evil one, who is determined to make Eureka produce one final tear, has possessed Eureka’s best friend Brooks.

    Up until this point the novel was even better than the first. The lack of everyday life that Teardrop was composed of meant that the fantasy story line could quickly develop. However the remaining quarter of Waterfall was largely disappointing.

    The setting for the finale of the book was a complete contrast to what the characters had been exposed to previously. Whilst there was nothing wrong with this, the story became confusing and difficult to grasp. It was hard to picture the scene and it felt like the personalities of some of the characters, Eureka in particular, had suddenly changed.

    Initially Waterfall was working towards a four star review however after the frustrating changes in writing style the novel no longer feels like the fantastic story it promised to be.

    As mentioned, this is a sequel to Teardrop and readers would greatly benefit from reading that first, but the beginning chapters of Waterfall contain enough information for new readers to catch up to speed.


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  3. 3.0 out of 5 stars
    Previously I’ve read Fallen by Lauren Kate and I did really like her style of writing, 19 May 2015
    L.Yven “Lindea” (Kingston Upon Thames) –

    This review is from: Waterfall (Teardrop Trilogy 2) (Paperback)
    I was very excited about reading Waterfall. Previously I’ve read Fallen by Lauren Kate and I did really like her style of writing. All though it is clearly stated in Waterfalls description that it is a second book in a series, I took a chance on reading it. And I did find it rather confusing. It was very hard to get a set picture of the environment they were in, they were swimming in one moment, climbing in the next and so on. It could have been made cleared when, how and why the environment around them were changing. Maybe a more descriptive language would have helped the reader through the transitions of different environments. The whole experience has some sort of Wonderlandish overtones, but in order for them to enthrall the reader they should have been clearer.
    The name of the main character, Eureka, is very distracting. Her name pops out on the page, not in a good way. It is a sort of extravagant word/name that’s very eye-catching and creates an annoyance.
    Another thing I didn’t care for was the love triangle, Eureka seemed to just shift between who she loved for no apparent reason at all. And as I am opposed to love triangles to begin with, I felt that this was something that could be cut as it did not give the story anything.
    The story featured a lot of fantastic element, witches and prophecies among others, and they kind of flooded the story more than the water did. I wish it had been more focused on a few elements rather than bringing in so many.
    It does feature quite a few quot worthy parts that are just beautiful and heart-achingly true:

    “Letting go of someone you loved wasn’t hard. There was no word for what it was, because even if you didn’t let them go they were still gone.” pp.21

    In the end, what kept me reading through this book was Lauren Kate’s simplistic writing style. Her style of writing is easy to read, which again makes her books very quick reads. In the future I will keep checking out Lauren Kate’s books, but I do not think I will venture into more books in the Teardrop-series.

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