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Pond Fish (Practical Fishponds Book 4)

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Pond Fish (Practical Fishponds Book 4)

A pond without fish is like a garden without flowers. However, you want the kind of fish that suits your pond's purpose. You might want them to eliminate mosquito larvae, to eat algae or simply to give you the pleasure of watching them.

You also need to know how many fish your pond can take, whether you need to feed them and how to keep them healthy. If you put fish in a new pond you need to know how to go about it without causing them to die of their own pollution. You need to know how to handle fish, to transport them, and possibly to quarantine them, as well as how to introduce them into your pond.

All of the above and more, including treating disease and guarding against predators, are covered in this comprehensive ebook. A glossary at the end of the book gives the meaning of all the technical terms used in the book.

List Price: £5.52 Price: £5.52

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